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In general a Puppet Hi John, I am trying to play with puppet at home.

But still after signing certificate /tmp/testfile doesn’t get created. The good news is, I’m writing a whole book on Puppet, to be published later this year! It follows on from these tutorials, introducing you to lots of things you can do with Puppet and with complete source code and step-by-step instructions for how to do them.Still the server is creating a file on the client system.But it is taking some time to create the file (I have tried three times, it is taking some 5 - 15 min after updating the file).2) Or something like i can push the updates seamlessly to all desktops.One thing which i am thinking is to write a shell script on central server , which will get into all desktops one-by-one and run the update command through .

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Instances launched into EC2-Classic also receive a new private IPv4 address, private DNS hostname, and system hostname when they're stopped and restarted; instances launched into a VPC don't.

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