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He also starred in Ron's first full length feature, Grand Theft Auto.Other roles in the elder Howard's films include: John Dexter in Cocoon (1985), Paul in Gung Ho (both film and TV series), pathologist Ricco in Backdraft (1991), Lou in Parenthood, Flynn in Far and Away (1992), flight controller Seymour Liebergot in Apollo 13 (1995), Ken in EDtv (1999), and Whobris in How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).Copies of many of the early, silent films listed below are owned by the Rhode Island Historical Society and are in need of preservation. It was shot by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1898.We're guessing it shows a Providence military unit marching in a Pittsburgh parade.

He played Eaglebaur in Rock 'n' Roll High School, Usher in Get Crazy, Paco in The Waterboy, Arthur Lynne in Uwe Boll's Heart of America, cellmate Slinky in Tango & Cash, CJZZ Disk Jockey in That Thing You Do!Columbia was designed and built by Bristol's Herreshoff Manufacturing Company.From the Edison catalog: "The decisive moment in the great International Yacht Races is shown in this picture.Before filming was even completed, Verdi Corrente Productions principals Chad A Verdi and Michael Corrente were referring to This popular horror film takes place in Harrisville, but exteriors were filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.The film is based on events that allegedly occurred at a real Burrillville farmhouse in 1971.

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