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They remain vulnerable to other hazards, such as inclement weather, complex traffic situations, and even cyber-attacks.“This may not be acceptable because society may be less tolerant of mistakes made by machines than of mistakes made by people,” said David Groves, study co-author and co-director of RAND's Water and Climate Resilience Center.Citing figures from the National Safety Council, the report notes that crashes caused more than 35,000 fatalities and 2.4 million injuries in 2015.The council projected 2016 would be deadlier, with 40,200 fatalities. " Turns out, her neighborhood was his neighborhood and her street was his street. "I could probably hit her window with a rock from my house," he said."We're gonna beat Baylor," he said, then looked at Baillie, "and then we're comin' to Stillwater to beat y'all." "Is that saltiness I hear? "If it ain't the devil herself," the Sooner receiver will say whenever he sees her. That feistiness the college football world sees from him every Saturday is definitely matched by her.

Both have lifelong allegiances to their school, both have family who are alums of their university, and both have played for the college that they love. While they were hanging out with Sterling Shepard and Durron Neal, Baker got lippy. " Shepard has actually given Baillie a nickname because of her orneriness.Still, for all the joking and laughing and good-natured ribbing between Baker and Baillie, their love is clear.She holds her breath every time he's about to get hit; last Saturday night was brutal after Baker took a shot to the back of the head, was diagnosed with a concussion and sat out the second half against TCU.RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment (JIE) conducts research and analysis in civil and criminal justice, infrastructure development and financing, environmental policy, transportation planning and technology, immigration and borders protection, public and occupational safety, energy policy, science and innovation policy, space, telecommunications, and trends and implications of artificial intelligence and other computational technologies.STILLWATER — Baillie Burmaster is sure of three things where Bedlam is concerned. She has been able to get to several OU games, but if OSU has a home game, she has to be in Stillwater for work.

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