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Benoit Dumoulin from the F8 conference showed their team’s progress in processing natural language, but it is apparent that technology is still not at the level where it could manage more complex human questions… :/ Natural Language Understanding @ Facebook Natural language understanding technologies are already powering new user’s experiences at Facebook.

Learn how in this session from Facebook's Artificial Intelligence team.

Bot can also have CM’s continuous supervision, but this has to be specifically agreed with the client, especially if the volume of conversation is impossible for meaningful human following.

Their communication pattern looks like an installation wizard and guides the user step-by-step to the desired goal.

There can be several conversation endings, but they are clearly known and predefined.

Technologically, they are accomplished using a set of if-then, for-each or while loops with constant communication with databases.

Basically, they are back-end applications that have their usual business and datalayer logic.

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This is also a recommendation – start with a scripted bot, a simple conversation model, iterate and slowly build new functions.

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