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The DVDs ranged from hours long interviews detailing how Sytch and her life were spiraling out of control to backstage access in a “day in the life of” story.

Many people felt like Sytch and her troubles were being exploited by scrupulous DVD producers.

After Sytch called out Massaro for being an escort years ago, the 2005 Diva Search winner responded by tweeting a an explicit photo of the WWE Hall of Famer . The duo would soon find themselves in the WWE where Sytch would find success as a manager/valet to a number of teams.

While it had been speculated that Tammy Sytch appeared nude in these one-on-one video chat sessions, photos from the original Diva’s appearances on Skype have spread online and she literally shows everything . Get your heart rate going with these photos of the former WWE Diva at the gym . Tammy Sytch, also known as Sunny, has stripped down to be filmed naked on camera. Latest Tammy Sytch News ▸ Tammy Sytch on, your go-to source for the latest news on the WWE Hall of Famer, self-proclaimed original Diva, manager, sometimes wrestler and now, adult actress . We can’t publish the pics here, but they’re not awfully difficult to find on Twitter.

This ground-breaker began her professional wrestling career in Smokey Mountain Wrestling in 1992.

“[Scammers] will say they are scouting for models and ask for pictures, sometimes they ask for naked shots.Sytch and Candido would join the Paul Heyman led ECW in 1998 for a brief stat that was again punctuated with more allegations of drug abuse including reports that Sytch had been found passed out in a dressing room.A short stay in WCW found Sytch continued to be hounded by drug issues and she and Candido did not last long for the promotion.A life-long wrestling fan, Tammy Sytch did everything she could to learn the art of managing.One day she got a call that made all of her dreams come true.

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