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attribute should be a document-relative or site-root-relative path to the manifest file.

You should do this in every page in a site that you want to make available offline.

HTML5 can't improve mobile connectivity, but it does make it possible to continue interacting with websites, even when no network connection is available. Although browsers automatically cache recently downloaded files, what's different about HTML5 is that you can instruct the browser to download files in advance of their being needed.

You can also specify alternative files to be displayed if the user is offline.

Figure 4.1 shows which browsers support offline applications as reported by

The simplest way to do this is to add a comment with a version number like this: Increment the version number each time you make changes to the site, and upload the revised manifest after all the changes have been uploaded. Any unique value—such as a timestamp—in a comment will do.

Close Up: Browser Caches Application caches are designed to make the website—or parts of it—available offline.

To represent any file, use a single forward slash ( This substitutes for any file not listed elsewhere.

More often than not, updates to a site involve changing the contents of a file without changing its name. The browser checks only the filenames in the manifest.

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