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Alas, the classic streetcar proved susceptible even to the earliest of automobiles and began a quick decline after World War I.

However, instead of serving a single municipality this new operation would link two or more.A few, such as the Illinois Terminal and Piedmont & Northern, bucked this trend and blossomed into successful freight carriers while the Pacific Electric Railway is regarded as the greatest of all interurbans.Most were out of the business by World War II and only one still operates today, the Iowa Traction Railway (others have shed their "interurban" status and now operate as short line freight carriers).There were three great periods of interurban development; the first occurred during the 1890's and then reached a great flurry of construction between 19 when more than 5,000 miles were laid down.The Panic of 1903 ended this fervor but it reignited again between 19 when another 4,000 miles were built.

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