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In Feb 2007, the Western Australian Sustainable Energy Development Office awarded Graeme Attey a ,000 grant to develop a modular axis wind turbine system suitable for individual houses and other buildings in urban areas.It will involve the development to commercial stage if testing of an existing prototype proves successful.We started chatting, and he told me he’d moved to Boston, but invited me to ping him if I found myself there. During my visit, I leaned into him, no longer feeling obliged to postpone sex for a stage our relationship would never reach.

Before departing at 4 a.m., he proposed dinner the next week.

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Over the ensuing days, we sent texts bordering on sexts. Hoping his phone broke, I confronted him on Facebook Messenger.

He replied curtly, saying he’d been busy, and didn’t mention our dinner plans.

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He confessed that he’d sabotaged relationships by seeing his high school girlfriend when she visited—something that would be prophetic of our own dynamic.

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