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- 8.2 Making the Connection (Lyric line from the song Putting It Together From Sunday In the Park With George).- 8.3 Watch While I Revise The World (Lyric line from the song Beautiful From Sunday In the Park With George).- 8.21 The People Will Hear (song title from All That Glitters).- 8.22 Give Me the Blame (lyric from Last Midnight from Into the Woods).

The characters are not the strong women that they were, they are false, and totally bogus, not believable for a second, except for a few good turns by Felicity Huffman, and Marcia Cross, and a couple by Teri Hatcher, but as for the rest of them, they all seemed to become more like caricatures instead of the characters we came to love.

- 8.19 With So Little to Be Sure Of (song title from Anyone Can Whistle).

- 8.20 Lost My Power (lyric from Ever After from Into the Woods).

and enough down to earth material, so that when a big moment occurred, it was Big!

And it kept audiences tuning in for more week after week.

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You can see a sign for US Highway 7 which runs from Norwalk, CT, to just south of the Canadian border in Vermont.

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