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In too many instances, White House staff has been allowed to inhibit transparency and reduce accountability.”for Ameri Corps, Gerald Walpin, on June 12, 2009.

In short, we have been unable to secure the funds we would need to continue operating in 2013. More than two dozen Nevada newspapers and websites have been regularly publishing our stories this past year, and I regret that we will no longer be able to provide them with free, non-partisan content about Nevada government and politics.Ameri Corps annually receives millions of federal dollars to address everything from illiteracy to public service jobs for the youth.Much of the work is done through local nonprofits which receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants from Ameri Corps.Thus, any person, for example, whose pay is deemed excessive by Obama’s new ‘pay czar,’ the Zionist Jew, Kenneth Feinberg, could file a federal suit asserting that the order is an legally exist.Then America could rightfully and constitutionally ignore Obama’s fascist coup attempt with his Zionist ‘czars’ - because they would simply be private citizens - without the authority to order any of us to even blow our noses.

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