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The usual "let's get serious" phone call takes Mc Garrett and Danno back to headquarters where the news is that serial arsonist Jason Duclair (Randy Couture) has been sprung from Halawa.This is the work of Mi Zchief, who, facially recognized while using a wi-fi hotspot on the campus, is determined to be Aaron Wright, related to Ian Wright, who kidnapped Grover's daughter and was knocked off by Wo Fat in S04E22.Then Danno, Grover and Rey hook cables dangling from the copter under the cabin which Mc Garrett then lifts up with the three of them inside and takes them to safety (seriously).Duclair fled into the burning forest some time before this, and he is the only casualty of the blaze, according to news reports.They try to convince her to join Five-Zero to replace the departed Kono, who we saw heading to the mainland in S07E25 and is now part of a task force there investigating sex trafficking.Because Rey, who was considered an outstanding prospect for HPD, punched out her training officer at the police academy and also cheated on her written exam, she interests Five-Zero, because they "need a cop who doesn't think like a cop and ...

A restaurant-gument between Mc Garrett and Danno follows where the two quibble over details about a prospective Italian eatery which Danno wants to open using the name "Steve's" in Honolulu's Chinatown. On location at the place, Mc Garrett says to Danno, "I thought you said you were gonna wait until you retire," to which Danno replies, "I am, but this is now, we start now, we get it going, and if we need help running it, somebody helps us." "We" includes Mc Garrett, who figures this has something to do with his radiation poisoning, also mentioned in S07E25.Kong), who lost a lot of product and one of his lieutenants in a fire the week before.Duclair accompanies Tao to the location of this fire and provides his expertise -- "like an arson investigator" -- to determine who burned the place down and what means was used to do this.(Grover does not like this connection.) The way Duclair gets out of jail is ridiculous, reminiscent of Wo Fat's escapes from jail.His door having opened automatically, he walks out of the place into blazing sunshine as the guards are locked in their room, both thanks to Mi Zchief.

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