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They were often referred to as the “valley people” because they camped in valleys.

They were not wasteful and used everything they were able to its full use.

They are direct descendants of an ancient and widespread people who called themselves Newe (nu-wee), which means The People.The largest of these groups settled in the Snake River Valley in Idaho, sometimes being referred to as the “Snake Indians”.Today, there are several places in Idaho named after the Shoshone Indians including Shoshone Falls, the Portneuf (Port-noof) River and the city of Pocatello; the latter two named after Shoshone chiefs.“There were two types of dream powers, one involving a spirit helper, an animal or bird or natural object: another power acquired in dreams carried the ability to be expert in other conventional roles such as hunter, gatherer, warrior, etc.” (ERN, 2005).The Vision Quest is a ritual for the men of the tribe.

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