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This isn't a book about slap­ dicking and patting women on the back. The Marine Corps is the toughest branch in the military, comprising America's top 1 percent. With all the technological fucking wonderments we invented, like satellites and wrist communicarors, women in the military have automatic compensation for their cartographically­ challenged brains and their inability to communicate.Fucking up for women is not a real virtue, because they're not doing it on purpose. Now America's bottom 50 percent, women, think someone saved them a seat at the table. It's also our fault for keeping the world so fucking safe for the last fifty years.It's their chance to stick it to the other guy, and if there's a chance someone is going to get his dick cut off while no one's looking, then that would be just fantastic.Can you imagine such a sick mentality at play on the battle­ field? I mean that figuratively, like when you tell a woman to change the channel from her stupid show on Lifetime and she asks you which remote is for the TV for the fuck-hundredth rime. Any med school diversity handout organization will tell you that yo ung women are breaking down the barriers of the medical profession.It's mouth-shutting training, and I recommend that all women go to law school. When your woman lawyer drops your case to get preg­ nant, you will find yourself in the lurch with a fistful of sub­ ~ poenas and an assful of foot from your ex-wife's co-council.Being a lawyer and being a man make a person a unique combination ofequity and fairness. Being a lawyer and being a woman makes a person a sexual-harassment nightmare.

Soldier that constantly talking about blow jobs makes them sound like sluts.

I did it because, like all men, I, too, suffer from the crippling disease of competence.

DICK'S SEVEN DEADLY JOBS A WOMAN SHOULD NEVER EVER HAVE I've often said that a penny saved is a woman fired.

If you've ever tried to force two similarly charged magnets together, you know that it doesn't work. The point is, women lawyers are just women in fancy suits with three-year ]S degrees in the school of keeping their yaps shut.

Law school is Chinese water torture for women, but instead of water getting dropped in one spot for three years, women are just made to look like the dumbest imbeciles on earth every time they open their mouths.

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The right reasons for joining the Army are honor and country and the protection of liberties. Jane wouldn't know the right reasons if they waltzed up and offered to help her carry something heavy, like her gun.

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  1. Her daughter Allyson, friend Chloe, and two boys have been in a car accident, and Allyson is seriously injured. But then she falls in love with Jonathan Mosier - a member of the family with whom the Cramers have a long-held grudge.

  2. Directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad, End of Watch) Smith plays Daryl Ward an LAPD police officer who teams up with Edgerton’s Nick Jacoby, a globe-faced Orc to investigate some sinister supernatural happenings in a near-future downtown LA.