Selected value not updating detailsview

event is raised when an Update button within a Details View control is clicked, but before the update operation.

My select Command to get the value in the detailsview form works fine, but my update store procedure (Update Command) doesn't work. I have a page, where I have 4 databound dropdownlist control and at the bottom I have detailsview form which displays only one value (parm_value).

But when I try to Update the table with a new value from the Drop Down List the table does not get updated with the new value.

I'm new at this and I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple here.

"As far as I know, this doesn't work because it can't parse the Details View1$DDL to figure out what you mean is the ddl control inside the Details View." I use this syntax to access ddl in both Insert Item Template and Edit Item Template.

Interestingly, you may not need this one to access DDL in edit Itemtemplate.

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I have a Detailsview that users will be filling out.

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