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I knew I did not want to spend only 2-3 months to try to learn a new career, especially something as deep as software development.

So I took a chance on Turing, which was (for me) the far more expensive and difficult path.

Like many others I was able to pick it up, and progress on. It fosters a community that is there to help out and support you.

2 months after graduation I began my first software position and have been highly fulfilled ever since.

I feel Turing exceeded my expectations in every way for preparing me in the best career change I have ever made.

The pace is fast and vigorous, but so is your learning curve.

Sadly the first few weeks there didn't go quite as smoothly for me as it did others and so I was forced to repeat.

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After the course of many career changes, and once I decided to pursue programming, I began spending a fair amount of time researching coding programs.

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