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Forms with complex data including validators tend to generate too much Java Script code in the page, which can represent about 60% of the code.With unobtrusive validation enabled, your HTML code will look cleaner and tidier.NET, which means you can map data from the page directly into method type parameters.Validating user input should also be easier with the latest version of Web Forms.You can now annotate your model classes with validation attributes from the System. Data Annotations namespace and request that all your site controls validate user input using that information.Client-side validation in Web Forms is now integrated with j Query, providing cleaner client-side code and unobtrusive Java Script features.

NET to compare the HTML code generated by both configurations. NET 4.5 introduces data annotations validation for Web Forms.

In previous versions of Web Forms, when using data-binding to emit the value of an object member, you used the data-binding expressions Bind() or Eval(). NET, you are able to declare what type of data a control is going to be bound to by using a new Item Type property.

Setting this property will enable you to use a strongly-typed variable to receive the full benefits of the Visual Studio development experience, such as Intelli Sense, member navigation, and compile-time checking.

This could be an Object Data Source, a SQL Data Source, a LINQ Data Source and so on.

However if your scenario required custom code for handling the data, you needed to use the Object Data Source and this brought some drawbacks.

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