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So they are saved as (for example): i.e there's no sequential logic.

If not, I can just use the PDF splitter function and rename post extraction. If you have this with the plugin for Word, you simply setup mail merge from your data source as you would and then use the 'Merge to Adobe Pdf button to create individual PDFs. The code is making the first page of the document go portrait. I think I'm going to stick with your previous solution (2014-09-02 at ) and just manually delete the last PDF page. Hi dabug80, I know I'm late to the party here, but I just got wind of the question when Netminder added Topic Areas.

Also, one more question: Is this a one-time effort or something that you'll be doing periodically — daily, weekly, monthly, whatever?

After merging the PDF file, I can use the program 'PDF Split & Merge' to split the PDFs every 9 pages. Unless there is a way to automatically rename them.

:) You will have to execute the merge which will produce a 900 paged document which you can then split and rename into 100 separate files.

Here is a script that updates a single record in an Access table using the Active method.

", vb Information I thought it might be good to look at this from another angle.

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