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Barry Bonds – to an extent – did the same thing, and it wouldn’t surprise us if Le Bron were next.What Tiger says or doesn’t say doesn’t impact his reach.

I have gone to great lengths to make it clear I respect what you all have to say and there is often valid criticism from blogs AND commenters, many of whom are sharp.Q: Who are some of the TV sports anchors that you look up to, or might have modeled yourself after? If I am indebted to anyone as far as a role model in TV, it’s him. Dewey, Dewey, Dewey…boy Monty runs the Starboard so if I say the Cork, he will kill me. Q: Your ultimate golf four-some, consisting of any human being, living or dead.Q: It seems as if sports “analysts” are in an era where there’s a constant need to push the envelope on TV and say something outlandish or controversial that will produce chatter-worthy mentions in the mainstream media or in blogs. Writers were the “real” journalists, TV guys were just a head of hair (or not) who read prompter. I hate to be corny but my ultimate golf foursome would be the names on the dog tag I wear.I found out in a hurry that doing it well is a full-time gig and I had one of those already. While there have been many Sportscenter anchors who were fantastic, my guy was the late Glenn Brenner who was a Washington, DC sportscaster. It’s difficult to describe if you didn’t see it, but his style was almost devoid of ego.The challenge is to try to come up with topics daily that you feel are compelling on a national level. As sports fans, we ALL have an opinion and the chance to share mine is something I really wanted to explore. You can’t avoid being influenced by the groups that preceded you. He just enjoyed the hell out of talking about sports and knew he was lucky enough to have the best gig going. I did far, far worse than the voice mail back when I had hair…I was a young man then.

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Or is this all just a rebellious phase by blogs that everyone will soon tire of? I have tried to open up a dialogue with a number of them.

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