School policy on teachers dating parents

It clearly sets out the roles and responsibilities for governing bodies, headteachers and teachers regarding behaviour and discipline.

If the principal did not take appropriate measures to inquire further or to re-advise the teacher suspected of inappropriate conduct, then they will also be reasonably held accountable for the situation. Though in most cases this is not an apparent or part of the problem; it is of some value..spouse (if there is one) deserves to know about the affair regardless if it is of consent between two adults.She taught his children last year, and I will be teaching one next year.We are a Catholic school and this sort of behaviour is disgusting.The Principal was made aware but simply wants to ignore it - she even helped the girl move out of her communal house to live on her own! If not, and the child is not in the teacher's class... If either one is married, then yes, it is a BIG problem and your principal should deal with it.The girl deserves a disciplinary - can you imagine what would happen if this all came out? :confused: The child molester gets arrested as such; everyone who covered up the affair gets called in to testify; the parents of the child sue everybody; licenses to teach get permanently revoked all the way around for failure to protect the child. So basically a teacher is dating someone that has a child that attends the school that he teaches at? And the fact that that student will eventually be in your class factors into this how? I'm not sure what you can do as an individual teacher in this situation other than taking her aside and talking to her. both single, consenting adults) then the OP has no place speaking to the teacher or the parent about it.

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