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While I didn’t know there was mercury in the Coke, I have to be honest and admit that OF COURSE I knew that eating and drinking junk wasn’t good for my baby. 3) Lortab/Acetaminophen while pregnant – I have Fibromyalgia.We’re rerunning this blog because of the recent news that a CDC researcher has come forward to say that he and his colleagues committed fraud in a 2004 study on the relationship between the timing of MMR vaccines and autism.

According to them, Montana just has a very low cap on the highest level allowed. Here is an explanation from an excellent article on that explains the potential risks associated with Pitocin: “In either induced or enhanced use of Pitocin, the blood supply, and therefore the oxygen source to the uterus, is greatly reduced.

Again, did I honestly think that this was good for the baby? Lortab is a Category C drug which basically means that not enough human testing has been done to qualify it as safe, but based on animal studies, there is reason to believe that it could be dangerous or problematic.

I couldn’t find any specific links between Lortab and Autism, but common sense dictates that this was not good.

I can’t believe that there are so many women who choose to deliver via C-section for cosmetic reasons – I won’t elaborate on this one. I’ll be honest; I am still a little bitter about this. My husband and I took the classes; we practiced at home. Here is what I know: My son was exposed to antibiotics while he was in distress during labor.

Thirty-six hours of drug-induced hell, and I still ended up with a C-section. He was then exposed for the first two weeks of his life via breast milk.

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