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When I say that this year’s Speed portion brought some drama, I’m referring to the Women’s portion.That’s because John Brosler won Speed this year in the Men’s category—just like he has done the last five years.The drama was palpable; since several previous competitors—Brooke Raboutou, Margo Hayes, and Alex Puccio—had already topped the route, Kiersch would only stand on the podium if she could match the hold.She made several attempts, catching herself and then readjusted after each miss.Buhrfeind's first run had been a bust, so it all came down to her second attempt—could she beat Kelly to snag the championship?In the end, Buhrfeind cruised up the wall to a blistering 8.86 (mere moments after having claimed victory in the Sport discipline).While he did fall victim to the barn-door crux in Semifinals, his performance in Finals was fluid.He made easy work of the midway volume section deemed “the cube wrestle” by the commentators, and although he didn’t top, his high point was enough to claim victory.

More than any previous Nationals, this year’s Speed portion brought drama. First, Piper Kelly cruised the route in a swift 9.45 seconds.While all three women are worthy of individual praise, it’s that triangle-rivalry between Kelly, Wooten, and Buhrfeind that showcased what makes speed climbing so appealing to general spectators: it’s fast, it’s neck-and-neck, and the results are clear-cut.I’m excited to see how this trifecta progresses in the coming year, with each woman training and getting faster still.In other words, she connected with the spectators, which is what star power is all about.Coaches should use that moment to teach perseverance on the wall.

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Here’s how things went down at climbing’s version of March Madness.

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