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This is said to be the longest relationship for Yuvraj, but things didn’t work in their favour.It is said the two parted ways when Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam didn’t approve of his choice.The news came as a shock to everybody, when the two were reportedly spotted at a temple near Arunachal Pradesh.They always denied the relationship and soon rumours of their split made headlines.The two dated for less than a year and called it off because of personal differences.While promoting (Breathe In, Breathe Out: Are you finding it tough to breathe polluted air?But fate played its hand and the cricketer met Romi Bhatia through one of his friends and fell head over heels for her.Soon the news of Sarika and Kapil’s break-up came and Kapil married Romi in 1980. This is said to be one of the most talked about affairs of the ’80s.

We were enthralled by the chemistry they shared on the stage each time with their act, which in the end helped them win the trophy of Jhalak.Yuvraj married actor Hazel Keech last year and Kim tied the knot with a business tycoon.MS Dhoni, one of the most celebrated captains in Indian cricket, has been head over heels in love with actor Deepika Padukone.In a press release today, Isha says that she will not be performing on September 8 and 9 due to an injury.In her words: "While rehearsing for my forthcoming act with international dancers from Las Vegas at the Jhalak House, I met with an unfortunate accident wherein I hurt my right hand very badly and have a dislocation of my elbow bones, post the initial tests, doctors have advised a strict 3-4 weeks rest.

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The two made headlines in the 1980s when Kapil Dev was considered to be the god of cricket in India.

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