Sallie mae not consolidating

It's not right for a cosigner to be imprisoned with the primary acct holder, even when the primary user has proof of employment and ability to pay.

Yesterday, they called my husband at his government job, and left a detailed message with a random person who answered the phone. they left my personal information with a random person who answered the phone. I have taken a step forward for an attorney, especially since they confirmed breach of my private information. Once you're locked in with someone's acct, You're screwed.

They have called at times when they knew they should not call (late hours or during a doctor’s appointment).

They have repeatedly called work even though she has explicitly stated that her employer does NOT approve of these calls.

I had to stop payment on a check to them because they kept telling me they didn't have it. I spoke to customer service about how to get my payments lowered because I couldn't afford that high of a payment per month and they told me my only option was to not pay my loans, go into forbearance, get contacted by collections and then they would work with me on payments. I have excellent credit, and this is the best they could do for me?

With the high interest the debt seems to never move. An absolute burden that was wrongfully forced on us.

These statements have been clearly and verbally stated several times to each loan servicer.

I now have a job that can support the 0/month payment and am putting extra money towards them every month to try and get rid of them so they don't get more money from me than needed. Which she is due to the amount she is expected to pay back. This letter is in regards to a Private Student Loan with a Cosigner. Paid 0/month for over 6 months and the loan went up to ,000.

How is she ever to get a good start with so much in debt. This company is the most pushy / harassing company, I've ever seen. In the past 3 months has gone from 33,000 - 35,000.

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These people call 2-3 times a day, (even when you pay them), and have been for the past year.

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