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Typically, you will configure routers and other devices to synchronize with NTP servers designated as stratum 1 or 2. Normally we are at UTC 1 (=GMT 1), our timezone is called CET. I need to set 7 registry entries, or use a mysterious "fix it for me" link with no documentation about what it does?

Before you can configure NTP, you must select one or more upstream servers with which to synchronize. * sys.peer, # selected, candidate, - outlyer, x falseticker, ~ configured above shows that both of our servers are in the INIT state. Now with summer time we have an additional hour of offset it seems (UTC 2), or CE_S_T (Central European SUMMER Time). It's 9 am now and if I configure UTC 1, CET, CEST or whatever it's just 7 or 8 am. I think they improved this in S2008 but its one of those things I'm trying to forget. I set this up on our network a few months ago and it makes parsing the logs MUCH easier.

Large organizations (particularly governments and militaries) maintain their own stratum 0 and 1 NTP servers. For a protocol so obsessed with correct time, NTP certainly is slow: it can take upwards of five minutes to synchronize with an upstream server. Eventually, you'll see an association formed with at least one server, indicated by an asterisk. 1 24 64 77 0.000 36.610 189.06 * sys.peer, # selected, candidate, - outlyer, x falseticker, ~ configured nominal freq is 250.0000 Hz, actual freq is 249.9998 Hz, precision is 2**32 reference time is D13A115F. Only if I configure UTC 2 it's shows the right time. I set my LAN switches to synch to the local WAN router which synchs to our core router which synchs to our IAS/RADIUS server which synchs to a nearby NIST server. The hardest part was getting NTP going on the Windoze 2003 R2 server.

For others, there are a number of public NTP servers available. The other server in this example, marked with a , has been designated a candidate (alternate). B0488F52 (.688 EDT Sun Mar 27 2011) clock offset is 0.0366 msec, root delay is 0.01 msec root dispersion is 0.23 msec, peer dispersion is 0.00 msec loopfilter state is 'CTRL' (Normal Controlled Loop), drift is 0.000000526 s/s system poll interval is 64, last update was 187 sec ago. I ended up using Meinberg NTP service which was easy to install and configure.

Router# show clock detail .075 EDT Sun Mar 27 2011 Time source is hardware calendar Summer time starts EST Sun Mar 13 2011 Summer time ends EDT Sun Nov 6 2011 Obviously, setting the current time by hand isn't sufficient when dealing in millisecond granularities.Keeping consistent time across network devices is critical to enable accurate comparisons of log messages and other time-sensitive information in the course of troubleshooting or auditing.This article explains how to achieve practical time synchronization on Cisco IOS.Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the global standard for time representation.(The odd acronym UTC is a compromise between the English acronym CUT and the French acronym TUC.) Every time zone on Earth can be expressed as offset from UTC by a number of hours and minutes.

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