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In 1207 his eldest son Jochi subjugated the Siberian forest people, the Uriankhai, the Oirats, Barga, Khakas, Buryats, Tuvans, Khori-Tumed, and Kyrgyz. Genghis Khan gave the Telengit and Tolos along the Irtysh River to an old companion, Qorchi.

The Mongols had long maintained relations with the people of the Siberian forest (taiga).

Some of the earliest artifacts found in Central Asia derive from Siberia.

The Yeniseians were followed by the Uralic Samoyede, who came from the northern Ural region.

Turkic people such as the Yenisei Kirghiz had already been present in the Sayan region.

Various Turkic tribes such as the Khaka and Uyghur migrated northwestwards from their former seats and subdued the Ugric people.

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