Rules of dating guys playing it cool

He will not text you as the primary means of communication. And if they don't care upfront, it won't get any better.Your only job as a single woman is to find that man who thinks you are his dream and then decide if he is yours.The guy needs to hear about your feelings towards him from your mouth.It's also positive reinforcement, which is a good tool to get more good dates.Don't text something unnecessary like "good morning", "good night", or "I had a great date." Please don't.3. This includes (but is not limited to) sending questions about a date that he doesn't need to (and won't) confirm and asking questions repeatedly (that he's ignoring).If there is something that you really want to find out, call or ask in person at the right time. Let's say a guy invites you to a party but doesn't send the address.Show him (in person) when he makes you happy from the first date.Being hard to read is a liablity of dating and text messaging wont fix it.

x” Just acknowledging that you enjoyed yourself is important for a man. If he texts you after a couple of days, don’t leave it too long to respond or he’ll assume you’re not bothered. It’s important to strike a balance between showing you’re into him and showing you’re not too needy.One of the crucial ways to keep him interested is not to “jump the gun” too quickly.Just because things went well the first time, don’t assume you’re now officially exclusive or dating. Don’t start cancelling other plans just so you can fit him in.

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Once you find this amazing guy that thinks you are his dream woman, I kindly request that you play it cool. Not in the "I'm too hot to be emotionally available" way, but more in the "I adore you but you still have to work, sweetie pie," way. After a date, do not text your feelings about your date.

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