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By July 6, there were fully 199 of them, and the attacks have shown no signs of stopping. "Dark Germany," as President Joachim Gauck calls it?At the same time, though, Germans seem more willing to help than ever before. Or will it be the new, bright Germany, represented by the young policeman with his roots in Afghanistan?

"They came to escape the war with the Russians." His German is flawless. "My father was a teacher in Afghanistan and my mother worked in the technical field," the policeman says.And even if we don't really know how things will develop in coming years, one thing is certain: The numbers aren't likely to drop appreciably.The civil war in Syria grinds on, there is no end in sight to terror in Iraq, and the situation in Eritrea isn't likely to improve any time soon, to name just a few significant drivers of migration.It isn't just the best minds that are coming to us; it is people fleeing Assad's barrel bombs and Islamic State brutality.They are running for their lives, whether they are illustrious or illiterate.

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