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was part of my daily routine a few years ago before going to work.There’s something so magical about identical twins – especially twins who were adopted by different families and didn’t realize the other even existed until one magical day at the clothing store.The series ran from April 1, 1994 to April 28, 1995 on ABC, and then was picked up by the WB, which aired new episodes until 1999.The show even had edited versions running on Disney up until 2007, so numerous generations have found a way to grow up with this show.) She’s currently a co-host on a talk show called Tim played Tamera’s single father Ray, who owned a limousine service. Since the end of the show, Tim’s had two long-standing roles – in the mid 2000’s he played William Barnett on , which, oddly enough, starred Tamera.Jackée Harry as Lisa Landry You might know her better by her first name alone.

(But here’s a fun fact – Tamera dated Family Guy creator Seth Mac Farlane prior to!

And the narrative creates no distance between Chen and Cassie’s family while allowing him to retain his individuality, which often makes him one of the comedy’s primary honesty brokers.

Wu’s role and Chen’s relationship with Cassie take on new profundity in the fourth season.

Even lately, as our concept of the genre’s definition has shifted, few series find a workable balance that prevents the story from ceasing to fulfill the actual definition of “comedy.” Hence the modern workaround: Some programming executives announce that they no longer designate their 30-minute shows as “comedies” but “half-hours,” leaving ample room to play in the dark.

But Starz’s “Survivor’s Remorse,” an excellent series that really should have a better title, is not a half-hour, although it regularly wades into choppy thematic waters that churn up a variety of potentially mirthless topics.

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