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Though perhaps shyer then, especially about introducing myself to strangers, I do recall meeting significant others on the NYC subway and in stores., which I didn’t much like for other reasons.

Thinking I was above that kind of venue, I nonetheless recall correspondence on perfumed stationery from a divorced suburban housewife promising to bring her diaphragm. I didn’t return to Personals, as the genre should be called, until the mid-1990s, in my own mid-fifties, I guess because the earlier channels for meeting eligible women dried up.

I sense an increased reluctance to accept heterosexual overtures except in circumstances where they are sought.

The contemporary truth is, simply, that boys don’t meet girls as they used to.

Were some of these inept websites really fronts for other kinds of biz?

There were “mixers” between Brown and Pembroke, as the women’s college was then called.

Though I went to them, nothing significant resulted.

It also provided me repeatedly with thumbnail photographs of men, even though I defined myself as a straight male at the beginning; and I couldn’t find any way to correct this error.

Even though I asked to find me women residing within twenty miles of me in NYC, it offered me several only in Canada.

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