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The Chaga mushroom was unknown to the western world for hundreds of years until, Russian author and Nobel laureate, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn introduced it to the world.It has been appreciated as a natural remedy dating as far back as the 16th century, traditionally used by Eastern European folk as a medicine.

Store fresh herbs in a vase with water or in the refrigerator crisper wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel.

The new offerings are all functionally enhanced with delicious ingredients: antioxidant meyer lemon, immunity-boosting ginseng, and highly nutritious elderberry.

Joining an existing lineup of flavors, including Turmeric Ginger, Chili Ginger Lime and Cinnamon, the new flavors now total up six SKUs in the Ke Vita Tonic line.

A recipe of Camel Milk, honey and rose petals was all she relied on to give her skin a healthy glow.

The Bedouins and other nomadic tribes also use Camel Milk as a way to protect their skin from the sun as they travel through the desert right up to the present day.

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Due to the various natural minerals and vitamins, Camel Milk products are having success in many countries around the world including India, Australia, the UK and Pakistan.* In Israel, Camel Milk has been used by dermatologists as an element in their courses of treatment for certain skin conditions like acne.

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