Redating the great sphinx of giza

In the final analysis, the exodus served to typify that exodus achieved by Jesus Christ for people of faith, so that it is a meaningful event for the church as well as for Israel (19–58).

Many critics who doubt the historicity of the Exodus share a problem: over-reliance on what archaeology can prove.

Therefore it is essential that our evaluation of the evidence be accurate and fair.

First, let’s make sure we have a clear picture of the Biblical perspective.

So in many nations they covered up or destroyed monuments and records of previous monarchs.

It’s more natural to believe they simply licked their wounds and tried to cover up all traces of this humiliating national episode, especially since they are known to have done this on other occasions.We should not be surprised, then, that some critics have focused so much attention on this fundamental event in the Bible.They try to discredit the story of the Exodus to undermine its historical validity.In fact, the Bible stands in marked contrast to most ancient literature in that it objectively records the facts about Biblical personalities, whether good or bad.When new kings ascended the throne, they naturally wanted to be seen in the best light.

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