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Ericka feels she has focused too much on the "work" part of the "work hard, play hard" equation and needs a guy who gives her balance and understands her jet-setting lifestyle.

Ericka is comfortable being single, but even a city girl can be a hopeless romantic.

After a five-year relationship with a beautiful, intelligent lawyer ended in heartbreak, he’s vowed to keep it casual with the women he meets until he finds “the one.” His gorgeous dream girl needs to be comfortable in all of his worlds, from galleries to courtside seats.

Joey Healy Perfecting brows all over NYC is the name of the game for Connecticut native Joey.

Tabasum’s success and independence intimidates men who “need to be needed.” Though she admits to having a slight addiction to dating male models, she finds them lacking in substance.

She is looking for a man who is tall and has great bone structure with a Nordic look, but also has to be funny, sarcastic, secure, well read and prepared to settle down.

Now that business is booming, Joey is ready to end his five-year single streak and meet the man of his dreams.

He is looking for someone that can keep up with his busy schedule that often includes odd hours.

She’s had no issues meeting men, but has yet to find a gentleman who can live up to her high expectations. Lee Gause rules the town’s celeb dental scene with clients including models, rappers, and athletes.

His careful hand and precise approach have put him on speed dial for his chic, trendsetting clients.

Joey’s well-curated brows have made him a media darling and gave him the exposure to bring his business to the next level with his own line of specialty tools, The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection.

Joey isn’t ready to settle down if it means slowing down, but he does want a stable boyfriend who can support him and his career.

He is looking for a guy who is exotic and successful, or as he puts it, “I’m looking for my Jay-Z since I’m clearly Beyonce.” Tabasum Mir Dr.

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