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Similarly, he is also famous for his moves like “RKO”, “Full Nelson slam”, “Elevated DDT”, and so on. But he was released because of bad conducts in 1999. The next year he made official debut in WWE Wrestle Mania X8’s Fan Axxess. Eventually, he became the youngest person ever to hold the title in WWE history at the age of 24.Orton was born in Knoxville in the state of Tennessee on April 1, 1980. He was born to parents, Elaine(mother) and Bob Orton, Jr.(father). He has two brothers named: Nathan Orton and Roderick Orton. As per his education, he attended Hazelwood Central High School. From 2000 to 2001, he trained and wrestled for promotions of the events. He wrestled in Ohio Valley Wrestling and won OVW Hardcore Championship twice by defeating Mr. Additionally, he won WWE Championship title for four times and title of World Heavyweight Championship for 9 times till now.On April 2, 2017, in WWE in “Wrestle Mania 33”, he won against Bray Wyatt winning “WWE Championship” title.He has also appeared in several films and TV shows.Whatever the case may be, Wyatt and Offerman do appear to be at least friends.Here is a photo that has popped up on social media of the two arriving together at a WWE show. This is also the only photo we’ve been able to find of the two.

He also claims they will prove his affair, which includes phone records that show Wyatt’s continued contact with Offerman. Network reality television show Total Divas during the first season, which aired in 2013.Network's new reality show entitled Total Divas, which features behind the scenes footage of select WWE Divas and a look into their personal lives.They broke up due to Justin thinking Jo Jo was too young for him.As a child, Jo Jo competed in various Track events. In June 2017 Bray Wyatt 's Wife has filed a divorce after finding out he had an affair with WWE Ring Announcer Jo Jo In November 2017 Jo Jo has become the latest victim of the Nude Leaked Hackers, Several nude photos has been leaked from her phone, she has yet to say a word about this.

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As of July 2016 she is a full-time Raw ring announcer. She had a boyfriend named Sebastian, but due to their long distance relationship, and busy schedules, they broke up after a year of dating.

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