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I have also been a Principal Investigator of the Australian Election Study since 2001 and co-directed the internet component of the British Election Study (i BES) in 2015.

Outside work I enjoy the delights of country living, dog walking and the odd spot of hill running in North Wales.

I am a Professor of Politics at the University of Manchester and my research focuses on how digital technologies are changing the way in which election campaigns are fought and won.

My work is comparative in nature with a particular focus on developments in the UK, the U. I have published a wide range of articles and books on this topic, many of which are listed on this site, so please feel free to browse through.

The authors' ideas, particularly about biology and ecological issues, are excellent.

Their care and consistency in designing Blue Planet is evident everywhere.

Few other systems even come close to it, in my opinion. There is no carrying capacity or endurance; every character can just carry ten items, regardless of type.

A lot of the art I produce is SF-related, but not all, so see my general drawings and writings page for that kind of thing.

Finally, my resources about fandom in Minneapolis are on my Minneapolis page.

If I were to run an SF game using a published setting, it would probably be Jovian Chronicles.

Back to the top of the page or back to Hârn Master is certainly one of the best examples of RPG design I'm aware of.

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The background world for which it was designed is also probably the best around, at least if you're interested in a highly realistic, low-magic setting with excellent detail and atmosphere. Items have a SS requirement; if your SS is enough, it is assumed that you have the resources to pay for and manage the item. It certainly makes inventory easier, though it is occasionally a bit unrealistic. Characters have (on average) two Specializations each, such as Combat, Stealth or Lore.

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