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It also relates a troubling story on the subject of Ferrari's bowel movements."No, I don't have a colostomy bag," he says, putting the record straight at LBC's west London base.Beatrix Potter is a firm favourite with Japanese readers, and a replica of her Lake District home was opened at the university’s campus in Tokyo last year to house early editions of her works.Potter’s talent as an illustrator was the source of her success in Japan, according to the head of the museum.Even more alarmingly, an unhelpful Wikipedia editor has entered the claim that a doctor told Ferrari "he was morbidly obese and would probably be dead within a year if nothing was done". "A presenter here, Bill Buckley, sent me the most moving email: 'I'm desperately sorry, if there's anything I can do to help'," recalls Ferrari."I'm fat for Christ's sake but I don't think I'm morbidly so, I don't think I'm dying, anymore than anybody else." He's an industry heavyweight nonetheless, and with the mayoral election only two weeks away he's frustrated by industry rules that prevent him from influencing its outcome.He also has a book out, and presents his own theatre-based show. You're almost tempted to take a look at his Wikipedia entry to find out just what else Mr Ferrari is up to.

Radar Rabbit takes your privacy and safety very seriously. I think it's not that bad at all, I think it has alot of growing to a better profile and over all really I mean by better profile make the peoples profiles have more depth.kinda seems like its pretty much 1 don't want a long bio but just a little something on the pictures maybe you guys can make it where we can commit on other peoples pictures,or even "like" even have a headline for our pictures that we finally friends,we need something kinda like a friends list?Sadly, the early momentum of his campaign was disrupted by the collapse of his marriage and he was advised not to give up his day job."My accountant told me 'If you go off and become the mayor of London you might as well sell the Big Issue at Waterloo'." From a distance he has admired the Evening Standard's probing of Livingstone, who tried to get Ferrari the sack after he failed to cut off a caller's xenophobic rant about asylum-seekers ("He went out of his way to try to get me fired, he wrote to the previous management here, various radio authorities and God knows who else".) That lapse, in 2003, led to the Broadcasting Standards Committee, upholding a complaint that the presenter was culpable of "active reinforcement of prejudiced views about asylum-seekers".All communication between members on Radar Rabbit happens through an anonymous chat service. They get ***** if you post more than twice in 5 minutes. Reveal to other members only the information you choose. Threaten to ban you and put you on blast for everyone to see.

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