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I kind of have to wonder how it got out the door like that, though. But then again, that means that there are a lot of improvements that we can expect over the next few weeks and months, so I guess that's the bright side. PS1 games will still looked pixelated and aged as hell on the PS3, but that's what a PSP with custom firmware is for. I will have to try this out on SSX Tricky when I get home. Still, for 0 this should have been perfect right out of the box. On a side note, how do they come out with the update #'s? It looks like the 1.5 FW has some how smoothen up the graphics and the colors are much brighter and closer to a PS2 displaying a 480i game on a regular TV.

Of course, there are forum posters who claim that their gaming device is working perfectly after the update, while others reply that they're frustrated by the constant freezing of their console.From what I hear (and from my own limited experience playing Resistance online) multiplayer is pretty much flawless.It's just downloading stuff that's slow for some people. I've had one problem w/one of my ps2 games I tested. By looking at the ign video comparison, the PS3 without 1.5 looks like the PS2 playing a 480i game on an HD set with component cables.Shadow of Rome: visually it looks better, but I'm seeing some ghosting issues now. Other than that,everything else looks like it did on my ps2. I have yet to try it, but if the BC is fixed that's one less thing for the haters to bitch about. I'm quite satisfied with how they look in terms of how terribly pixelated they used to look. The colors are darker and the graphics very pixelated and jaggies everywhere.

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According to Destructoid the PS3 owners who have installed the version 2.00 firmware are dealing with system issues, which include disc reading errors, system failures or major lags while browsing the menus.

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