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These unfortunate realities could very well reflect poorly on you and favorably on your crazy ex on a standardized psychological test.For these reasons, you should be very cautious and deliberate about a request that the Judge order psych evaluations. A diagnosed personality disorder will likely have little or no impact on a divorce without minor children. In child custody litigation, Cluster B behaviors are relevant and must be proven with evidence supporting your testimony (e.g., journals, recordings, emails, phone logs, text messages, other witnesses, etc.) 3.The problem is, evidence of bad Cluster B behavior is too often left to a He-Said-She-Said presentation in court. If your kids’ mother exhibits Cluster B behaviors, you absolutely must document them as they happen, save every email and text message, record phone conversations, if that is legal in your jurisdiction (check your laws or speak with an attorney), and always have another person with you when you have to interact with her face to face so you can call that person as a witness to testify about outrageous behaviors witnessed. If her psychological functioning is an issue in a custody battle, you can almost certainly have a psychological evaluation ordered by he court (you will probably also have to submit to one).Psychological evaluations can be a double-edged sword.This may be because the criteria for the diagnosis are not very well defined, and there’s also an unstated presumption that people are always a little crazy when they’re involved in that kind of litigation.

Any of these behaviors in isolation may not be enough to persuade a judge to change custody, but when you add them together, you get a whole way of behaving across the spectrum that’s harmful to the kids.Psychological evaluations are risky and could end up hurting your case. Some are able to buy their own phone from the money they earn as a result of working part-time, but the more likely scenario is that you, their parent, ends up buying them one.More typically, the evaluator might say that someone exhibits borderline “traits” or narcissistic “traits,” if they even go that far.If you are relying on a psychological evaluation to prove your ex is “crazy,” you’re likely setting yourself up for defeat.

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You’re getting healthier now, but it takes time to recover from repeated trauma.

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