Propecia the dating game funny

It was just that after I began taking Nuhair, I dont have a limp wood anymore and it is stronger than when I was on Propecia by itself.Note, I have only been taking Nuhair for a month and I am getting back my sexually drive (I forgot to mention that I lost sexually drives while taking propecia).

I was high maintenance and had always carried a can of hairspray where ever I went. I didnt have insurance and still dont so I was paying /month for 30 pills.

I remember before I was taking Nuhair, my gf would joke around saying I have a broken dick, which I kinda did.

Because usually if she grabbed it or touch it, my dick would be on full blast.

But it wasnt on full blast and she had questioned me if I had turned gay (btw, this is a new gf Ive been dating for 4 months now) This is funny but sad, she had woken up in the middle of the night and had the urge to "do it" but she tried her best to get it up and nothing happened.

So she quit trying to make it hard and went back to sleep.

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Everywhere I would go, I would always get compliment about my hair and how its pretty, how much volume it has, and how cool it was. I still remember that day, 3 years ago, when I noticed my hair was falling out. However, THIS LITERALLY SAVED MY HAIR AND REGREW IT THICKER after a year or so taking it (I have pictures and will upload later).

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