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Kate Donovan, 29, originally from Australia but living in London, appeared in the Our Money series for i News exploring how the public spend and save their money.

In the piece titled 'How I live on a £69,500 salary while saving to buy a two-bedroom flat', Kate explains the cut backs she has made while saving for her first home.

After staying at a friend's, he awoke to the news that his girlfriend was dead.

Lizzie Purbrick, 63, who drew a gory three-foot penis in blood on the floor and daubed 'lady sl*t' and 'big d**k lord' on the walls (inset), was barred from entering the Kennington home she shared with Lord Prior of Brampton (top left) - now dubbed Lord Legover.

The second man is said to have tried to escape over a third-floor balcony at a building in San Antonio on the Spanish party island, but was later arrested. The Mountain View-based company is the most popular search engine in the world and this fine, set to be announced at 12pm BST will take the firm to .7 billion (£5.1 billion) in EU fines since 2017.

Tanyalee Davis, 37, was left sobbing after a train guard ordered her to move her mobility scooter.

But the new mother was snared when the package was spotted under a chair at HMS Prison Cardiff.

The mother stayed at home with her three-year-old (inset) and text Marek Goralczyk giving him an ultimatum to come home but his phone died before he read the text.Announcing his ruling today, High Court judge Mr Justice Mann said the BBC had infringed the star's privacy rights in a 'serious and sensationalist way'.The veteran popstar - who was previously given £400,000 by the police in an out-of-court settlement last year - was today awarded £210,000 damages, which is set to rise at a later date.She said today: 'My belongings are in there but I'm not allowed to touch them. I am catching a flight to South Africa now', and walked off towards the Tube station.Minutes later a removal van arrived and three men entered the property, which has been rented out by Lord Prior since the gory protest, to carry her possessions away (pictured).

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Readers were left baffled by the piece taking to Twitter to complain that Miss Donovan could live 'comfortably' on that salary.

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