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He is super creepy and it's true that woman Roxanne doesn't seem attracted to him AT ALL.It's only because she's banging Kamala she has to pretend she is entertaining the idea of them hooking up.As the eps roll on it's clear that the pod is such a hack.The males in the group, especially Michael just want to have sex with different people, the looks he was giving Vanessa when she came to his party, like she was his ideal piece of meat. i mean if ya'll are that committed buy a bigger house together, then we'll see if they are committed.They just have the permission of their legal spouse.

call me weird but I find nothing about group sex hot. Is there a way you can put them on a site like 1channel.ch?The show sucks and is just extra scandalous for viewers etc. I think Kamala's husband was lying his ass off when he declared his heterosexuality.It really shouldn't be considered a good representation of poly life. Also, he apparently can't read people at all b/c he's oblivious to the fact that Roxanne has ZERO interest in his old ass.Je auffälliger der Nickname, desto eher wird er von anderen Singles wahrgenommen.…continue reading » After discovering that none of his recommendation letters for Yale were ever submitted, Dan frantically tries to figure out a way to salvage his chances of getting into the school.…

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