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This was seen most strongly in the aftermath of Brexit, when many angry millennials took to social media to say they could never date someone who voted remain and a dating app specifically for remain voters was even launched, Remainder. “I don’t care if they’re exactly right for me in every other way, I just couldn't go out with someone that voted for a party that has presided over police cuts, nurses pay cap and the housing crisis.

It’s not exactly the best way of telling what someone is like but it’s usually a good indication.” And he’s not alone.

Prime Minister Theresa May canvasses in Richmond with Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith on May 29, 2017 in London, United Kingdom.

After suffering defeat in the London Mayoral election Zac Goldsmith resigned over the Government's position on Heathrow expansion.

“So I think if you're interested in politics but neither of you are die-hard supporters then you can get on with it, but I would struggle a bit if we had completely opposing views.” So what do you do?

“Political discussions can often cause tension but it’s always important to be understanding of your partner’s political preferences and to be mindful that their preferences may be different to yours, Match’s dating expert,” Vicki Pavitt said.

According to new research by Match, 30.5 per cent of 18-24-year-olds think politics is important in a relationship.

So much so, in fact, that 17.5 per cent avoid finding out the political opinion of their date in case it changes their feelings towards them.

After all, there are a lot more reasons to be with someone than their political opinion and often you don’t find out until you've already fallen for them: “I think if we had very different views we probably wouldn't have found out until after we'd fallen in love and then it's tricky,” 24-year-old Holly*, who says she and her boyfriend are “fairly well-aligned” politically, told “I think I would struggle a bit if I went out with one of these people who has opposing views and is constantly forcing them on other people and parading them on social media,” Holly added.Britain goes to the polls on June 8 to vote in a general election only days after another deadly terror attack in the nation's captial.A picture taken in London, shows election leaflets from various parties displayed ahead of the United Kingdom's general elections.REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn leaves Labour Party HQ this morning, following a general election yesterday.Parliament is hung, with no individual party gaining an overall majority. BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND - JUNE 09: DUP leader and Northern Ireland former First Minister Arlene Foster (C) holds a brief press conference with the DUP's newly elected Westminster candidates who stood in the general election A demonstrator wears a mask depicting Britain's Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May, poses with a mock gravestone bearing the words "Hard Brexit, RIP", during a protest photocall near the entrance 10 Downing Street in central London Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is greeted by his Office Director Karie Murphy as he arrives at Labour Party HQ in Westminster, London, after he called on the Prime Minister to resign, saying she should 'go and make way for a government that is truly representative of this country'Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May visits Atherley Bowling Club during an election campaign visit on June 7, 2017 in Southampton, England.

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Britain goes to the polls on June 8 to elect a new parliament in a general election British Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street for the 1922 committee on June 12, 2017 in London, England.

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