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Unfortunately 5-point rating scales also face many challenges in their use, and different studies suggest different flaws with this particular methodology.

First, one study using Amazon data has shown that many ratings (where the rater isn't required to add any additional information other than the rating they select) show a bimodal distribution.

All of this makes rating music on i Tunes very useful.

After Shannon and I wrote our Rating Systems article, I examined the ratings in my i Tunes catalog.

This is problematic because it minimizes differentiation.

In many cases, a 5-star rating system where most of the ratings are either 3 or 4 is actually no better then just a thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating system.

On RPGnet, for example, we discovered that 90% of this 5-point rating system was 3 or higher with an average around 4.

Of the various ratings scales, 5-point scales are probably the most common on the Internet.

You can find them not just in my own RPGnet, but also on Amazon, Netflix, and i Tunes, as well as many other sites and services.

Randy Farmer of Yahoo suggests that this scale limitation is particularly troublesome for fan-based ratings, such as those found on episodic TV sites: Only the fans of a show evaluate the episodes, and being fans, will never rate an episode one or two stars, ever.

I've seen this attempted over and over on the net with the same results every time: Each episode of a show is 4-stars /- .5 stars.

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