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He thought, perhaps not so unlikely, that Gildas had good cause to hide his real name.

Given his puns on the names of the tyrants (which were not funny at all), he might have treated his own name in the same way.

Wade-Evans suggested a Pictish origin (but see below), others have stressed a Gaelic one.

Though often claimed as Irish as in the name 'Gilla Sims-Williams ruled out any British origin for the name, but not for the man.

As with his birthplace, his birth date is also quite an enigma.

Gildas’ animosity towards the Picts might hint to a northerly region as well.

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Wade-Evans, however, actually identified Gildas and Caw with Picts!

This seems unsubstantiated, though, by De Excidio itself, where Gildas calls Latin ‘nostra lingua’ (DEB 23); This may be normal for Romans, even possible for Britons, but rather impossible for Picts!

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