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The number of child victims of trafficking for labour exploitation and sexual exploitation in the Philippines range from 20,000 to 100,000.Most of these children originate from poverty-stricken areas such as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as well as children from urbanized cities.The worst forms of child labour are children working underwater, at dangerous heights, in unhealthy environment, for long hours and even during the night, as well as exposing them to physical, emotional and sexual abuse.In the last few years Terre des Hommes Netherlands supported children at risk and victims of child labour who work in commercial agriculture, particularly in coconut and sugarcane plantations, deep sea fishing/diving, pesticide spraying, garbage collecting, handling of animal manure in poultry houses, as well as market and street vending.Sexual exploitation of children is an enormous problem in the Philippines.Traveling child sex offenders from all parts of the world visit the Philippines.Sweetie, our Filipino girl avatar, being an example of that.We provided temporary safe shelter, legal assistance, counseling, health care, education and reintegration services to victims of sexual exploitation.

The wide spread poverty drives children to work as street vendors, helpers, and farm workers.Sexual exploitation of children is continuously escalating along with the rise of new, easier and more convenient trends where children earn a huge amount of money with sexual transactions through social networking (Facebook, dating sites), online child abuse imagery and cybersex.Out of its 102 million people more than 40% are internet users.Potential victims were also traced to Australia, Korea and Malaysia in addition to the hundreds of individuals in Hong Kong and Singapore already reported as victims.Codenamed Operation Strikeback, a series of raids was carried out by the PNP in Bicol, Bulacan, Laguna and Taguig City on 30 April and 1 May resulting in the seizure of 250 pieces of electronic evidence including mobile phones, laptops, network and storage devices as well as live ammunition.

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“The scale of these sextortion networks is massive, and run with just one goal in mind: to make money regardless of the terrible emotional damage they inflict on their victims,” said Sanjay Virmani, Director of the IDCC.

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