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"At first I was sleeping so I didn't really know what Karl was doing but when I saw it I thought it was hilarious. It makes me laugh at the shock he must have got after getting himself all excited. "It was pretty tragic for the other fella who obviously thinks I'm a bit of a mug if I'm going to send him sexy pictures when I've just had a baby with Karl. Police tried to shoot him with a Taser gun, but missed.He was taken down inside the living room in full view of several NBC News cameras. On the series, “Dateline” works with an activist group called Perverted Justice to run stings in which adults, posing as children in Internet chat rooms, lure alleged pedophiles to a residential home.Chat perv could be male or female or a little of both. They will tell you that you are just uptight and anal so that you will not kick their droopy asses when they start their perverted chat and you tell them to shut the fuck up!

He readily agreed but instead received a picture of Karl in yellow French knickers with the caption "There ya go darling".Once they arrive at the home, they’re “busted” by Hansen and a camera crew and then arrested by local police.Among those caught during the a 2006 sting in Murphy, Texas was a prosecutor from a neighboring county, who committed suicide when police showed up to arrest him.Indulging in their fantasies in real life would be illegal. Chatting lets them interact with real people without spreading injury or disease or creating monster babies. And if you think it’s just internet chat, check out the top selling ebooks on Amazon.The most profitable ones have titles like “Pregnant by my Billionaire Bear Shifter Highlander Stepbrother.” There are some serious fetishes getting wide, mainstream play these days.

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"Jessica says it's happened to her before so I thought this time I would teach him not to message a woman who's just had a baby.

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