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Equal effort is especially important during the beginning stages of a relationship, when a woman is relying on momentum and natural progression. Women still want Men to Take Initiative and Take the Lead It may seem old fashioned, but women are turned on by a man who takes the lead – or at least take notice of him. Going back to our parent’s generation, it was often expected of men to take the lead.

In 2014, men believe women should take the lead sometimes too.

The issue is that the kind of help he has to offer comes with a price.

He has expectations he's unable to openly express, and when you don’t meet those expectations you get resentment and punishment in return.

However, they also don’t respect a woman who’s easily attained.

If a woman feels a connection with a man, and is willing to look past his frustratingly lazy courtship, the man will wonder why his lazy courtship worked. Women need to have more self-respect and not settle for less than they deserve, while men could definitely step it up a little to show that they value how special their woman is.

He won't show for a dinner date, but finds it unreasonable that you're upset. He's a “good guy” who's the victim of an unreasonable woman who expects too much from him.4. He forgets birthdays, anniversaries — anything important to you will be forgotten by him.

” rather than the passive, “Hey, what are you up to? A Woman is a Reflection of her Man When a woman is being treated well by her man, and her man is putting effort in to show her how special she is to him, it is reflected in this woman’s general aura. If a woman has a man in her life who is lazy, passive, and doesn’t care enough to put in any real effort, this woman’s self-esteem and self-respect gets damaged.

His fear of conflict means punishing you in covert ways for something you “made” him do. He's in a constant battle with himself to pursue and then distance himself.

What better way to punish than withhold something he knows you want? According to Scott Wetlzer, author of , the passive-aggressive man is “unsure of his autonomy and afraid of being alone.

He's that guy who avoids responsibility and conflict through passivity and withdrawal. He could have picked his cell phone up and called, but calling isn’t nearly as pleasurable as letting you sit and wait. My ex used to forget he needed something from me until the last minute.

You see, he didn’t want to go to a movie but his passivity wouldn't allow him to own it. I spent a lot of time running around trying to prepare from something in a few hours that would normally take days.5. They want you but they don’t want to become attached to you.

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  1. ­One of the basic human impulses is to develop a romantic relationship –- and maybe even fall in love. You might not be in the right mood to meet your soul mate while you’re trekking through the grocery store.