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Richard M Baldwin H acquired nearly 30,000 acres of surrounding farmland, and the Class of 1 9 1 5 donated money for the Outdoor Theater in 1 940.

Sikes also saw Clemson College receive its first acceditation and the formation of IPTAY (I Pay Ten A Year), the country's most successful athletic booster club.

The remainder of the nineteenth cen- Rlchard M Baldwin II tury saw two events of some signifi- cance to Clemson's development at the time; the second which provided the foundation for one of Clemson's most cherished traditions.

The first, the burning down of Main Hall (later rebuilt and named Tillman Hall) occured on May 22, 1894, and with it went classrooms, laboratories, and the entire college library.

Robert Poole, the first Clemson graduate to be- come President, held the office from 1 940 until 1 958.

Poole saw Clemson respond vigorously to America's entrance into World War II, with the college serving as a military training base while its students served in the armed forces.

Under his leadership the College of Liberal Arts was formed, Clemson's first Ph. was awarded, and Clemson's student population rose from Richard M Baldwin The Mustangs of Las Colinas by sculptor Robert Glen.

Poole over- saw the full-time enrollment of women at the college and the disbanding of the Corps of Ca- dets.

The 1980s also saw the develop- ment of the Strom Thurmond Insti- tute, the Nursing Center, the Na- tional Dropout Center, and other institutes associated with Clemson academics.

Enrollment hit a high of over 16,000 in the late 1980's.

The second, and ultimately, more significant event occured on October 28, 1896 when Clemson defeated Furman, 14 to 6, in Clemson's inaugural football game.

Coach Riggs, who later became a be- loved president of the college, founded and coached this team, the precursor to Clemson's great football tradition.

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Always in the foreground was, and continues to be, the vision of Clemson's guiding light, Thomas Greene Clemson, to establish a college to teach agricultural sciences and mechani- cal arts to the citizens of South Carolina.

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