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In a perfect world, commitments would never be a struggle!

Commitment and confrontation don't mix when it comes to love.

Yet some people resort to confrontation in order to "move the relationship to the next level." This is never a good idea!

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No one wants their beloved to feel cornered into a commitment!

No woman ever wants to feel that she has no other choice but to tell a man "commit to me or I'm leaving you." Those are fighting words!

You start the inevitable process - the fact that he will lose you if he doesn't commit - with much greater subtlety. You won't insult him or make demands when he's unwilling to surrender.

You won't embarrass yourself with an awkward Serious Talk that ends up with him telling you that you deserve someone else who is ready to make a commitment. You won't show bitterness, exasperation, rage, or disgust.

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