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The technology you need to meet your requirements will change because it is always advancing.

At the time of writing, typically you'd need: On the server side: Patching normally involves replacing existing files with the new "patches", for example, in the downloaded patches, there could be a folder called public_html, and in this folder there might be a file called .

The next screen will appear after clicking on "install.php".

If there are any errors, or you didn't set the correct file and folder permissions first, the following screen will appear.

I suggest using a simple name related to what your site is going to be called.

For this tutorial, I will name the database mydatabase. Using your webbrowser, enter the location of your os Date files: If os Date is installed on a local server, in your browser's addressbar you will type in: localhost/osdate/my_dating_site .

What you do now is this: In the downloaded installations files folder, you look for the folder called public_html, and in that folder you look for the file called .

You now replace the original file in the public_html folder from the original downloaded files with the new from the downloaded patches files. Using your FTP Client, create a directory in your user account folder to load the files to. In this newly created folder (osdate), create another folder and name it what your website will be called. The directory structure should look something like this: your_user_account\osdate\my_dating_site Using your FTP Client, upload the files to this directory on the webserver. Core FTP has been used for a few years with no issues, set it to Auto and forget it.

One thing I have noticed about the joomla forum (here comes a big can of worms) all the commercial postings this is an open source forum and so is joomla and osdate.

Joomla components for Video Conference, Web Video Recorder, P2P Webcam Chat, Video Presentations and Live Streaming: hosting for live streaming and related features.

I Have successfully intergrated the two systems, joomla and osdate. If you are still interested, I can supply you the system as a whole.

Before installation: In the "public_html" folder, set the following folder permissions: FOLDER == After installation set the file permissions as low as possible. Some servers will not allow permissions lower than 644.

Using php My Admin, in the CPanel of your user account on the webserver, create a database on your server and name it your_database_name.

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NOTE: This tutorial is for new installations of os Date, and not for upgrades of existing os Date installations. Before you start, you need to know a few things first. You need to have a website hosting solution to host your website.

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