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Since the beginning of her studies in 2003, Jessica has participated in a number of exhibitions including a Solo Exhibition at Manly Regional Art Gallery in 2006 and has continued to work on commissioned artworks.Jessica has won wide recognition for her work, including being named the joint winner of the 2009 QANTAS Young and Emerging Indigenous Art Award and as a finalist in the 2006 Parliament of NSW Indigenous Art Prize.They’re addicted to stamp duty revenues since it funds infrastructure projects, which they are convinced will woo NSW and, especially the Sydney electorates.And that appetite for development will certainly not go away if they win the 2019 elections.And if the B-Line does get to Newport, it will be a Trojan horse for yet more development.All we want is improved bus services for the seaside villages. Run a local service like Manly’s Hop Skip and Jump along with some efficient city bound buses like the E88’s and L90 to the city and the 199 to Manly.Readers will remember the proposed boardwalk is now on hold due to the large number of community objections and will form part of a future consult, when announced. She has a very sweet affectionate nature and she is very social with other dogs. Also included for the love and health of our dogs is a free Health and Wellness Voucher with our DR Vet. Many of us from Mona Vale to Palm Beach believe the government is out to hit us with yet more development.In support of this, the state government wants to extend the B-Line from Mona Vale to Newport.

It’s just that turning this area into the Gold Coast helps no one.Prior to 'retirement' he was a director at the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building UTS, and an architectural photographer.His Master’s thesis was Max Dupain and the photography of Australian Architecture (QUT, 1996).After some years of this, the place simply becomes a congested concrete jungle that no one wants to live in.If the developers’ curse strikes in Mona Vale and the villages to the north, that will be the outcome.

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